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This Hack For Carrying Multiple Drinks At Once is A Total Game Changer

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Have you ever been to a fast food joint or convenience store, bought multiple fountain drinks, and didn’t have the hands to carry them all?

This happens to me all the time — especially on road trips with the fam.

Have you been to Buc-ee’s and checked out their wall of fountain drinks?!? There aren’t enough hands in the world to hold all the drink choices you get.

Side Note: If you haven’t been to Buc-ee’s, you definitely are NOT living your best life. Worth the road trip!!

Anyways, this little hack solves the problem of not having enough hands to carry all your fountain drinks!

So, it’s really actually a simple trick.

Just ask the store for 1 plastic shopping bag for each 2 drinks you pick up.

Spread the bag out, and put 1 of the fountain drinks inside the bag.

Then, you are going to twist the opposite side of the bag around a full turn.

Now, put the other fountain drink in the empty part of the bag.

Pull up the handles around both fountain drinks.

Your drinks will totally stay in place without spilling!!

It’s like magic, huh?!?

If you can’t really picture what I’m talking about, you can see this hack in action HERE.

What do you think?

Pretty cool, isn’t it?!?

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