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People Are Saying That Ryan Gosling Is Too Old To Play Ken, And I’m Shook

The new trailer finally dropped for the Barbie movie, and it has us all nostalgic for our childhoods and excited for all things bright and pink.

It is definitely an entire vibe.

Warner Bros.

Obvi, you know by now that Barbie stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

They are going all out — becoming their personas — and they look great doing it!

But, there are some finicky people that are dissing the way Ryan Gosling looks as Ken.

They are saying he is — wait for it — too OLD to play the perpetually youthful male Barbie doll.

Warner Bros.

I think I just died a little bit. Ryan Gosling is too old to play Ken?

People are saying that he has too many wrinkles, and he just looks weird.

Those are fighting words, AMIRITE?!? LOL!!

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There are totally people that are completely down for seeing Ryan Gosling as Ken.

These are my people.

Ryan Gosling is, and always will be, hot AF!

He can be Ken to my Barbie any day of the week!!

And, I’m just gonna say it, dudes look better as they age.

Warner Bros.

Why is that?!? So unfair!!

What do YOU think of Ryan Gosling jumping into Ken’s shoes for Barbie?

Warner Bros.