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You Can Get A Blinged Out Bottle Of Febreze To Refresh Your Fabric In Style, Because Why Not?

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This is the most fancy way I’ve ever seen to make your fabric smell refreshed, and I think I love it.


You can get a totally blinged out bottle of Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher, because why wouldn’t you?

There is no need to bring a boring ol’ bottle of Febreze into your life.


Grab this blinged out bottle of Febreze, and refresh your fabric in glitzy style.

This Febreze bottle is completely covered in hot pink and black rhinestones, and you almost need sunglasses to look directly at it.


Each rhinestone is meticulously laid down by hand, and the painstaking perfection that went into this Febreze bottle is totally obvi.

Now, this is an ACTUAL 16.9 ounce bottle of Febreze, and get this, the scent is called — what else?!? — SHIMMER.


It is described as a “fruity and floral” scent, and I bet it’s simply lovely.

I’ll admit. The price is a little steep. But, remember, this is a totally hand laid rhinestone bottle!


You can get your own blinged out bottle of Febreze Fabric Refresher for $150.

Make sure you pay attention to the shipping times, especially if you are buying this glitzy bottle of Febreze as a gift.


To get your own Blingy Bottle of Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher head on over to the BlingThingsByMeg shop on Etsy.


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