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Have You Ever Wondered What Flavor The Mystery Flavored Dum Dums Is?

It’s safe to say you probably had some Dum Dums suckers as a kid. Even safer to say, the mystery flavor was usually coveted among friends.

We would always try so hard to figure out what the mystery flavor was. I was always massively confident that I knew. But what if I told you…you were never right?!


A newly discovered fact has my mind BLOWN. We finally have discovered what exactly is in this mystery flavor, and it may ruin your childhood of trying so hard to guess correctly.

Candy Warehouse

The Mystery Flavor Dum Dum is actually a mixture of two flavors that come together during a batch switch.

When the factory ends one batch of flavor, it’ll mix a little with the next batch of flavors, and those suckers become the mystery flavors!

Dum Dum Pops

Honestly, this is a genius marketing move, so there’s zero waste. But it also means, all our guessing was for nothing…because there were always two flavors involved. Childhood ruined. Mind blown.