KFC is Selling A Giant Box Of Popcorn Chicken Nuggets For Just $10 and I’m On My Way

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I’ve been cooking a LOT. I’m sure most have you have also been cooking a lot more than normal. With limited items available in the grocery stores, we have had to be pretty creative at times.


I’m not huge on fast food, but sometimes it is a nice treat for my family. My husband and my kids love an occasional night of fast food. I can’t remember the last time we had any though.


Right now, KFC has brought back the extra-large popcorn chicken nuggets. These are 100% white meat and super crunchy bites of heaven.

This is for a limited time! You can always get the Popcorn Nuggets, but not in this size and definitely not for this cheap!


The KFC extra-large size Popcorn Nuggets have about 70 pieces. Right now you can get this massive amount of KFC Popcorn Nuggets for only $10! That is a great price!


Don’t forget to load up on a selection of sauces for all of that chicken! You can get Buttermilk Ranch, Honey BBQ, Creamy Buffalo, Finger-Lickin’ Good Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Sweet N’ Tangy.

Honey Mustard is my go-to sauce! However, that Creamy Buffalo is sounding mighty good! Shoot, just give me some of each!


You can make this a full dinner by adding an extra-large side or two! my family likes to throw down on some food, so I think 2 sides would be required.


I have kids with upcoming birthdays! This might be just the things to make it a little more special!


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