How To Make A Face Mask For Your Kids

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We now know that the CDC recommends that we wear face masks, or face coverings when out in public.

Kids older than two years old should be wearing a face covering when going out in public, as well as adults.

But, adult face masks might swallow up the face of the child — especially if the kid is on the smaller side.

That is easily remedied. A few simple measurement changes, and kids can have their own masks, too.

Courtesy of Leah Day on YouTube

It’s still important that the mask fit properly — over their nose, and around their chin.

It’s also better if you include some kind of filter in the mask — a coffee filter, a paper towel, a vacuum bag — just make sure they can easily breathe.

Whatever material you choose to use for your mask, Leah Day, on YouTube recommends measuring your — fabric, sock, bandana, etc — 8 inches by 11 inches in size.

Courtesy of Leah Day on YouTube

See the video on how to sew a child’s face mask, below.

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