The President Said He Will ‘Take A Look’ At Pardoning Joe Exotic

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Take THAT Carole Baskin! President Trump has said he will “look into” the Joe Exotic case. Does this mean our favorite Tiger King might get pardoned?

According to a source, Donald Trump Jr. took to SiriusXM radio, and called Joe’s sentence “aggressive.”

Trump, Jr had watched the docuseries like the rest of us — binge watching it in two sittings, and he had his own opinions of what should happen to Joe Exotic, including easing up on his sentence.


On Wednesday, a reporter asked President Trump if he would consider pardoning Exotic. He said he had not watched the show, but he would “take a look” into it.

In 2019, Joe was sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring somebody to kill Carole Baskin.


If you are living under a freaking rock, and don’t know who Carole Baskin is, she owns Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, Florida.


Carole and Joe have been feuding FOR YEARS, and Carole had basically made it her life’s goal to take down Joe Exotic and his Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.


It also happens, Carole’s husband, Don Lewis, disappeared in August of 1997. Since then, Joe — and several other people — have accused Carole of killing Don, and feeding him to her tigers. I’ll let you decide what you think on that.

Do YOU think Joe Exotic should be pardoned?


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