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I Just Finished Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ And I Have So Many Questions

Since being stuck at home, I haven’t been able to log onto social media without hearing about Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.


I was pretty skeptical about the show. It didn’t seem appealing to me at first glance but after seeing all of social media rave about it, curiosity got the best of me.


…and now I have more questions than I did before!


First of all, I do not understand how Carole Baskin hasn’t been further investigated about her second husband’s death. EVERYONE on the internet is questioning it…even Kim Kardashian.

And did anyone else cringe every time she started off her shows with “Hey all you cool cats and kittens!” or was that just me…

And then there’s Tiger King Joe Exotic’s ex husband, John Finlay, who NEVER wore a shirt during any of his interviews.

But thanks to Los Angeles Times, we now know that he just really wanted to show off his tattoos (most of which have Joe’s name on them…)


And according to TMZ, John finally got some new teeth after the show!


And now there’s even celebrities fighting over the opportunity to play Joe Exotic in the future.

Dax Shepard and Edward Norton have both taken to Twitter to hash it out for the role of Joe Exotic.

With Joe Exotic being in jail now, he is looking for a presidential pardon. And Cardi B has taken it upon herself to try and free Joe Exotic and has even vowed to start a GoFundMe to pay for it.

I personally want to know what happened to all the animals??? We know that Joe had smuggled some out, but where did they go? And does Jeff Lowe have the rest?

And what about Doc Antle? He had a lot to say in the documentary, but is he going to suffer any consequences himself? He seemed to be very, very careful with what information he disclosed…making him even more suspicious in my eyes.

But of course, everyone’s number one question is…is there going to be a season 2? Producers are saying it could be on the way!