Jason Momoa Called Chris Pratt Out On His Use Of A Plastic Water Bottle

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Warning: This post contains photos of both Jason Momoa and Chris Pratt. You are welcome!

So there is a photo of Chris Pratt, promoting his partnership with Amazon, IN A GYM. He is just chilling and holding a plastic water bottle.


Who would have thought such a beautiful innocent photo would cause so much controversy!

It started simple enough. Jason Momoa — who promotes the use of reusable, non-plastic bottles — made a little comment about the plastic bottle that Chris Pratt is holding.


Now, Chris and Jason are friends, so the comment was innocent enough. But, that comment got taken a bit too far. It had Chris and Jason both scrambling to apologize to each other.

Jason even took to his Instagram page to show his love for Chris Pratt, and to apologize for the barrage of negativity.


People were quick to jump in and show their love for both of these hot guys.

In the end, all was well, but the message is clear — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Say “NO” to single-use plastic!


Maybe we can all take a cue from the VSCO girls, and use those Hydro Flasks for our water needs!


While you’re checking out the Hydro Flasks, take a look at all the VSCO Girl Must-Haves!


And, just because I love him, here is one more picture of Jason Momoa — *Sigh*.


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