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This Woman Threw Herself A Costco-Themed Party And I Wish I Had Been Invited

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I love Costco, and I can’t be the only one.

What’s not to like?

Clothes, every wine known to man, killer produce, the best birthday cake I’ve ever tasted, giant boxes of everything, and all those samples.

There is one woman on TikTok, Jasmine Pak, who is my new hero in the realm of birthday parties.

She threw herself an epic Costco-themed party, and I only wish I’d been invited.

Jasmine Pak

Ain’t no party like a wholesale party

Jasmine Pak

Imagine all of your favorite parts of the retail giant — all those tasty food court items. She had them all present and accounted for.

There were a couple of Costco’s famous $5 rotisserie chickens, rotisserie chicken Caesar salad, hot dogs, churros, and, of course, Costco pizza.

Jasmine Pak

She had everything labeled with the iconic Kirkland price tags, and it actually all looks like the real deal.

Y’all. This is like my bucket-list party, right here!

Jasmine Pak

Jasmine’s party was also a pool party, and it featured hot dog and pizza pool floats that were totally on theme.

The guests to the party even played the part. Many of them were dressed in classic Costco employee attire, and there was even someone handing out samples!

Jasmine Pak

Okay. Someone needs to get on the ball, and do this. I’m accepting invites. LOL!!

You can see Jasmine’s entire Costco party TikTok HERE.

Jasmine Pak

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