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Taco Bell Released A Baja Blast Gelato and I Am Freaking Out with Excitement

Dessert is officially on Taco Bell. 

Taco Bell has recently made some serious updating to their dessert menu which means the Cinnamon Twists you used to love are so last year.

In partnership with Mountain Dew, Taco Bell has released their first-ever gelato to their food menu, and the best part about this ice cream flavor is that it tastes exactly like a Baja Blast beverage!

Go ahead, read that again.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

“This is the first time we are releasing a gelato and we are so excited to hear how fans enjoy the sweet and creamy indulgence,” said Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell in a recent press release. “BAJA BLAST is iconic to Taco Bell and has its own strong fandom, so introducing it in gelato form feels right. As the end of summer nears, this is the perfect treat to wrap up any Taco Bell meal.”

Liz Matthews
Courtesy of @hungrytamale

Encapsulating the iconic personality the Baja Blast has to offer, you can expect a bold taste of Tropical Lime in a creamy texture that you can eat by the spoonful, rather than sipping through a straw.

The Bell’s new gelato is the perfect way to wish summer a farewell goodbye.

Courtesy of @hungrytamale

“Dew Nation’s passion for BAJA BLAST runs deep,” said Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Global Foodservice in a recent press release. “At PepsiCo, we love to create unexpected ways to thrill fans and are pumped to join forces with Taco Bell to turn the MTN DEW BAJA BLAST flavor they love into a refreshing gelato. We’re confident Dew Nation is going to love the bold new spin we’ve put on this iconic flavor.”

Scott Finlow
Courtesy of @bajablastmami

Packaged in a 3.6 ounce container with a convenient purple spoon under the lid, you can find the new Baja Blast Gelato currently at one Taco Bell chain for now.

So if you’re lucky enough to be a resident in Southern California, the address to snag this cool treat will be at 4101 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612 now, until supplies last according to the taco chain.

Courtesy of @tacobell

And as for the rest of us, we can only hope that the smooth gelato makes its way across the nation.