Here Is A List Of Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dog Friendly In Moderation

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Y’all, I love my dogs! I have 4 of them, one being my service dog. My dogs eat a very balanced diet, but sometimes I like to give them something special and Thanksgiving is one of those days!

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First of all moderation is key in all things! Do not make your dog some huge Thanksgiving feast! However, if you want to add some goodies to their normal meal that is fine, as long as it is the right things.

I think the majority of pet owners know that cooked bones are a NOPE when it comes to dogs. Raw bones are completely different, right now we are talking about cooked food which includes cooked bones and those are not ok for your dog.

If you’re making sweet potatoes, pull some out before you add your other ingredients. Sweet potatoes are a nice treat to add to your dog’s meal. Regular potatoes can be added in moderation as long as there are no other ingredients added and you remove the skin, just boil or bake them to soften.

It’s fall and everyone has apples right? Cut up a few chunks of raw apple to add to their meal. Make sure to exclude the core and seeds though because the apple seeds are toxic.

Dogs can have turkey! Just remove the cooked skin because of the other ingredients added while cooking. Just add a few chunks to their bowl, if your dog has a poultry allergy, skip it!

Plain peas and green beans are fine to add as well! It’s the other stuff you add while cooking that isn’t good for your dogs. So if you can pull some off to the side just for them before the other ingredients are added then they can have them!

Plain pumpkin is a daily part of my dog’s diet. Not pumpkin pie filling, just the plain canned pumpkin. It is so good for them and cheap as well… they love it!

Carrots are another daily treat for my dogs! I give them uncooked carrots as treats and they love them!

Some of the lists I have seen online say not to feed your dog ham. It makes it sound like it is toxic, a few bites of ham is ok… it’s just not the healthiest choice.

I also saw a list that said not to give your dogs cranberries. I’m not sure why they say that. Cranberries are fine, preferably no seeds! Remember, moderation! Just like humans, overindulging on food, in general, is not good for us or them.

Just keep it simple and just a few things. No added flavoring or ingredients. Onions and garlic are a NOPE! Raisins and grapes are another NOPE! Raw dough is also a NOPE!

The most important thing is moderation, I don’t feel like I can repeat that enough!

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