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Sunkist Released A Bright Blue Berry Lemonade And It Looks Absolutely Refreshing

Neon colored drinks always taste better, it’s just a known fact. So if are similar to lets say half the population that I’m assuming prefers a bright color to their drink, you are going to love this new flavor from Sunkist.

Sunkist knew what they were doing when they released their new Berry Lemonade beverage. The color itself looks like it came directly from tropical waters except berry and lemonade flavored of course. We don’t want fish water!

But seriously, pause and take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this drink is.

Some have said this new drink tastes super sweet with plenty of sugar for those of you with a sweet tooth. Many individuals have also described the drink between a cross of citrus and blue raspberry, refreshing and the perfect blend between lemonade and berry flavoring!

You can currently buy this drink at 7-Eleven and to find it, just look for the brightest blue drink in the beverage section!

This drink sounds good enough for me to try, now I just need to locate the nearest 7-Eleven, wherever that may be.