Snack Pack Sour Patch Kids Exist And They Come In Blue Raspberry And Redberry Flavors

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The Sour Sweet Gone kids are now in jello containers.

The new Snack Packs are filled with two different and colorful flavors that won’t be hard to miss on grocery store shelves.


First up is Blue Raspberry. These snack packs are filled with Blue Raspberry Sour Patch flavoring and you can also get the jello snack in Redberry too.


Other than the two new flavors that now come in a surprising gelatin form, specific details have yet to be released, but I have to wonder if these new snack packs will be sour like the candies.


Both packages are neatly decorated with the very familiar sour patch kids mascot, their logo and bright colors consuming the entire packaging.


I’m assuming this new release will be on shelves in the snack isle so until their official release date, I will be continuously checking the snack isle thoroughly on my grocery store trips.


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