Netflix’s Newest Christmas Rom-Com Was Surprisingly Adorable And Not As Cheesy As I Expected

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Call me Scrooge. Lately, I haven’t been a big fan of most of the new Christmas films and shows coming out. I mean, did you see my review on “Operation Christmas Drop“?


So when a new RomCom show came out on Netflix about two teenagers and Christmas, I have to admit, there was some eye rolling. Possibly even eye twitching, because I knew I’d have to watch it for the good of research.


So while having a sick day, I binge watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. In one sitting. Talk about a feat. And at first, I was just over it right away. I mean, how on earth are two people going to actually keep a relationship going through a notebook without losing it? (Realist over here).


But by putting myself in a teenagers shoes, and not a cynical 31 year old who is married with two kids, I can see how adorable this series is. I probably would have happily binge watched it in my pre-married years and loved it.


And, I mean, there’s the fact that the Jonas Brothers are in it. Randomly.


I would say all in all, if you’re in the young adult age range and you enjoy RomComs, it’s probably safe to say you’ll like it. If you’re bitter and married and exhausted, probably skip it. You don’t need that sappiness in your life.


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