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Mythbusters Did An Experiment To Show Us Why It’s So Important To Practice Social Distancing

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Contamination is a REAL thing. Even when you try your best to stay in public, but avoid the contaminate, Mythbusters shows us why that doesn’t always work.

In this EYE OPENING segment, one of the Mythbusters puts on a FAKE runny nose, that actually secretes a substance that glows pink under a blacklight.

Then he holds a pretend dinner party to see how far he can get his runny nose germs to spread.

Right off the bat, he passes his germs to the guests by innocently shaking their hands.

As the night goes on, he spreads his secretions by just doing normal things that one would do at a fun dinner party.

Seemingly innocent things pass those nasal germs around the table.

What seems just like a generous host, is actually a guy “infecting” his table of friends gathered for a social get together.

Before all the partygoers leave for the evening, the Mythbusters reveal that they have been doing an experiment. They show the tube that is emitting the fake nasal secretions, and show how the spread of the dripping nose juices will brightly glow under the blacklight.

The “guests” are immediately grossed out by how the snot has spread.

Even those people trying to be really careful, couldn’t help but pick up the contamination.

One “germaphobe” even had the juice from the Mythbuster’s nose on his FACE!!

See the video that shows why Social Distancing is SO important, below.

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