Dear Parents, Please Take Social Distancing Seriously

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As I sit here browsing Facebook I can’t help but notice the amount of comments from parents asking for ideas of what to do with their kids during this “break from school”.

The answer is so simple: STAY HOME.

Yet, here we are having to remind parents why our kids are home in the first place.

Our kids are NOT home because it is summer break or some vacation.

They are home to prevent and try to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

It’s not a time to try to plan fun things and have parties, take them to hang out with friends or to ensure they have a memorable experience.

It is to keep our kids and everyone around us, safe and hopefully virus free.

Yes, I know having kids stuck inside all day is TOUGH. Not just on the kids, but on us as parents.

An entire family crammed into one space, is bound to make us all a bit crazy but here’s the thing – it’s also going to be okay.

Think about this – even IF your kids are healthy and even IF they never contract the virus, are you willing to take a risk of them spreading the virus to someone else?

I’m not.

You see, we have people in our family, even friends that are immunocompromised and for that reason, no amount of play time outside the house or on the closest playground is worth risking someone’s life over.

So, parents, I BEG you… Keep your kids home!

Keep your healthy kids home.

Keep your sick kids home.

Keep your bored kids home.

Avoid the park. Avoid the McDonald’s Play Place. Avoid leaving the house at all costs.

Trust me, it’ll be okay. We will all get through this but it starts with us, the parents keeping our kids home. We have the ultimate responsibility right now and that is to take social distancing seriously.

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  1. I’m an ex pat living in La Rioja Spain, it really scares me how lax I see some people in the states are about the situation. First of all I would start by not calling it social distancing, what it is, is a quarantine, In case you’re incubating the virus, or to stop you from catching it from someone else who is. Please be safe, please stay inside. As someone living it first hand, do not underestimate the severity of the situation and how easily it can get out of control.

  2. I hear we all have a responsibility to help this not spread. Please keep in mind you can implement social distancing without locking your family inside. This is an opportunity to enjoy nature. Explore your backyard with your kids. Make mud pies.

    I agree, don’t go to playgrounds. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be outside as long as it isn’t cross contaminating.

  3. What about restaurants and fast food. I don’t see anyone anywhere pushing to avoid these. If someone that prepares or serves the food has this virus, it will easily be transferred.

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