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7 Tips for Upping Your Selfie Game

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Today’s culture is fascinated with social media and selfie. After all, who doesn’t want to take a photo of a good hair day or new outfit? Today’s technology elevates the selfie and photography game to a whole new level.

People can use everything from the latest cameras to the smartphones and even apps to create exciting new looks. Here are some of our favorite tips for how to take an appealing and memorable selfie.

How To Up Your Selfie Game

Try Different Cameras

You know that Instagram account you follow and love? Where the pictures always seem so good? Chances are, they’re not actually using their phone camera. This is probably the single most effective tip. Different cameras, apps, and smartphones have different camera lenses, definitions, and looks. It’s important for people to experiment to find the best look for them. If you don’t want to go all out with a fancy DSLR, then there are also a ton of different lens attachment options for smartphones that can turn your phone into a an almost-mini DSLR.


Although most people don’t consciously process the background of a picture, it makes a big difference on what subliminally is communicated about the subject. I personally like to take pictures in nature to send the message I am an outdoors person. Conversely my best friend likes rustic barn door hardware (she literally went to that store to just take pictures for Facebook!) or modern chic interior design. She does this because she runs a fashion blog and wants her online persona to match her blog’s style. To some, that may seem like overkill and maybe it is, but the truth is, the background almost does as much for the picture as the actual subject. Keep that in mind, a plain white wall, or a really jumbled background is generally not going to be quite as interesting.

Experiment with Different Filter Options

Most phones today have filter options for people who want to make their selfies unique. Different options have different feels. For example, a sepia-toned photo looks very different from a black and white one. People should think about what their outfit and look says about them and choose a filter that adds to this image.

If your just using the stock filters on Instagram, you’re probably not going to have a unique look. But some good apps to try out are Camera+, VSCO cam, Afterlight, and many more. The best results come from combining the effects from multiple programs.

Make Use of PhotoShop or Editing Features

If you really want to go for it, the most effective thing would be to simply photoshop your selfies before you post them. You can do anything basically in photoshop. Touch up your skin, remove red eye, make your self skinnier or completely change your ethnicity. Not that I would recommend going that far. But, the point is, most of those awesome photos you get exposed to on the internet and magazines have been heavily photoshopped, and if you want a similar look for your profile, you are going to have to do the same thing.

Angles Are Everything

When taking the perfect photo, angles are everything. Some people have a preferred side or angle to show their face, whereas some people like to use an overhead shot to look a bit slimmer. People should really take the time to hold the camera from different directions to see which angle flatters them.

Consider the Lighting

Different types of lighting have different effects. For a stark look, fluorescent lights are used and for a warmer glow, people may want to go outside for a natural look as the sun sets. It’s smart to use different lamps and try different bulbs too. And of course, in darker rooms, it’s essential to use flash. Also remember in low light your camera phone is going to produce allot of noise. Noise is that grainy look that shows up when your camera is trying to suck in more light to get a better image.

Dress for Success

The best time to take a selfie is when a person is dressed up for an event like a birthday or New Year’s or when trying on a great new outfit. People who dress for success create the best selfies. Of course, only a portion of an outfit is shown, so it is important to think about accessories. A nice pair of Oakley sunglasses (my fav alternative to the “hipster” glasses trend) or eye catching pair of new earrings will definitely be noticed. Smart selfie takers will of course dress to highlight their best features: from their collar bones or shoulders to their cheekbones or hair. The right clothes and accessories accent these features.

Avoid the Urge to Over Edit

Nothing looks worse than an over-edited photo. No one wants to look like a cartoon or unlike themselves. The best selfies fix or alter lighting and will even out skin tone, but it is important that a person’s quirks stay the same. When in doubt, make sure to save the original, make edits on a separate image, and to compare the photos later on.

Technology gives people a lot of rich options to use when taking selfies today. Making the most of apps, filters, editing tools, and lighting helps a person take a beautiful and flattering selfie. Experimenting is important. Knowing which angles and lighting look right for you takes time. Updating your selfie game really means knowing your options and having fun with them!

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