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Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream Exists And It’s A Ranch Lovers Dream Come True

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This may sound a little weird, but if you’re a fan of Ranch, you need to give it a try.

Sure, you’re used to dipping your pizza, dousing your wings, and zhuzhing up your veggies with that creamy, cool, ranchy goodness.

But now, there’s a combo that you just never knew you needed.

Ranch Ice Cream!

Hidden Valley Ranch and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream have created this one-of-a-kind collab, and we are truly intrigued.

It is supposed to have a savory sweetness — PERFECT to team up with a salty little treat!

I’m thinking, a big bowl of Ranch Ice Cream with crushed up potato chips on top.

Might be delicious!

Just a word of warning — you might be slightly shocked by the smell of this Hidden Valley Ranch flavored ice cream.

Yep, you’re gonna smell onions. Just keep going, and actually try it!

The new Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream flavor is part of Van Leeuwen’s spring lineup of tasty flavors.

It’s gonna be sold exclusively at Walmart, so it’s a great time to put on your PJs, slip your feet into your favorite house shoes, and go be one with the other people of Walmart.

It is important to note that this limited edition Ranch flavored ice cream is only going to be available from March 20 to May 28.

That gives you two months to work up the courage to try it. LOL!!

You are going to want to try all of Van Leeuwen’s spring ice cream flavors.

Check these out: Hidden Valley Ranch, Sweet Maple Cornbread, Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake, Carrot Cake, Honey Graham Cracker, and Limoncello Cake.

Imma need that Limoncello Cake flavor in my life!!

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