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You Can Get A Giant Fruit Loop That is A Half-Pound of Fruit Loop Action

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I like Fruit Loops as much as the next person, but this “little diddy” has me scratching my head.

When it comes to breakfast cereal, it doesn’t get much better than Fruit Loops, AMIRITE?

Those tasty fruit Os have most everyone going back to the cereal box for seconds.

But, with this new Fruit Loops cereal, there is absolutely no need to ask for another helping of those yummy Os.


This ginormous take on the classic Fruit Loop cereal is brought to us by MSCHF — the people that brought us the “Eat the Rich” popsicles.

They also brought us those über controversial “Satan Shoes” — that weird collab with Little Nas.

We look at things in culture and figure out how to make a twist on it.

Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF’s co-founder

Their current innovation is the HUGE Fruit Loop cereal.


It is so big, there’s no way you’re going to need more than one to make you smile.

Not to mention, there is NO WAY you are going to fit more than one of these Fruit Loops in your cereal bowl.


You better be careful, if you are watching that waistline.

Just one serving — one singular Fruit Loop — contains 930 freakin’ calories!! YIKES!


Well, I mean, that’s kind of to be expected. It is a dang HALF POUND or Fruit Loop fun.


MSCHF worked to replicate the exact texture and taste of the real Kellogg’s cereal – and Greenberg says the final result is almost indistinguishable from the real thing


The unauthorized Fruit Loop cereal is going to cost $19.99 per Loop, and will be available soon, according to the MSCHF website.


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