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People Are Eating Dog Food To Boost Their Protein Levels And I Have Questions

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It’s true. Getting enough protein is super important, and should be the focus of any healthy diet.

Any good Keto devotee will tout the benefits of protein.

It helps heal, build and repair your muscles, aids in losing weight, and works to curb your appetite.

But, how far would you be willing to go to get more protein into your diet?

Some TikTok influencers are turning to their dog’s kibble to try and boost their protein levels.

Yes. Dog food.

I’m talking about that crunchy, completely horrendous smelling, dry dog food you get from a bag.

I’m trying not to gag right now.

Seriously. I’ve often wondered exactly why my doggo finds kibble so appetizing.

Henry Clarisey — a TikTok fitness influencer who goes by the name of Henryfit — recently filmed himself trying his dog’s Kibbles and Bits, an attempt to boost his protein levels.

He claims that an app showed him that dog food has close to 666 grams of protein per serving.

That’s WAY more than we would ever consume in a human meal.

In the TikTok video, Henry throws back a handful of dog food — and then immediately regrets the decision.

The dog food tasted extremely dry. Needed so much water after eating it.

Henry Clarisey

We can see Henry chomping down on the Kibbles and Bits, and then trying to swallow.

Tasted like little pieces of dirt and I definitely don’t think it was worth it. Even though it’s a lot of protein, I’d take steak or protein powder.

Henry Clarisey

Before you try your dog’s food in an attempt to get more protein into your diet, it is important you know a few things.

Dog food is specifically designed for a dog’s digestive system — a digestive system that is much different than a human’s.

It is also possible that dog food you’re thinking about throwing in your pie hole contains bacteria that can be harmful to a human being.

Dogs’ intestines are equipped to deal with pathogens, bacteria, dirt, virus, litter, parasites, etc., that the human gut is not accustomed to.

Tracy Navarra, veterinarian at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

So, should you chow down on your dog’s kibble to boost your protein levels?

Just say no.

You can see the entire henry.fit dog food TikTok video HERE.

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