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You Can Get A Pizza Shaped Beanbag Chair For The Perfect Spot To Chill

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When I was a kid, my beanbag chair was my favorite place to sit and watch cartoons.

My own kids also loved having beanbag chairs to sit and relax in.

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This is a cute bean bag chair. My 5-year-old daughter loves sitting on this thing. Its currently set up in her playroom. She likes to sit on it while watching a show or while we read a book. The bean bag fabric is soft, and the chair itself is fully stuffed. It does not sink down when she sits on it. What better design for a kid’s bean bag chair than to make it look like one of her favorite food!

aebn2001 – Product reviewer
Bed Bath & Beyond

Beanbag chairs have evolved and are no longer just a boring looking round ball to colapse into.

The Bestie Beanbags are perfect for children that want something fun to add to their room.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Not only do they add to the room’s decor, but they provide seating and a place to relax to read, play a game, or sit and watch a television show.

They are super fun looking and fluffy, perfect for snuggling.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Most people love pizza!

I think the majority of people in general love pizza, especially kids, so most would probably love this pizza-themed beanbag chair.

aebn2001 – Product reviewer

This pizza-shaped bean chair is so cute and fun!! The fabric is so soft and plush. The colors are so vibrant. The bean bag is filled nicely and is so supportive and comfortable. The stitching is tight and is quality constructed. This bean bag is fantastic!

Angwags1 – Product reviewer
Bed Bath & Beyond

The beanbag chair is made of Polyester, with a Polyfiber fill and can hold 275 lbs.

It has a double safety zipper, so you can feel confident using it in your home with children that are 3 years and older.

You can spot clean it when needed and it measures 32 inches long, by 22 inches wide, and 13 inches high.

You can purchase the Soft Landing Bestie Beanbags Pizza Character Beanbag from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bed Bath & Beyond

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