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An Airbnb Guest Said They Were Fed Dog Food Spaghetti By The Owner Of The Property and I Just Can’t Deal

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This is making me reconsider my long weekend at an Airbnb for the Fourth of July.

Just Ew.

We have been hearing more and more horror stories of people staying in Airbnbs. Which is sad, because they are so cool and so convenient.

This latest story, however, has me rethinking everything about vacationing in someone else’s space.

Of course, THIS story comes straight from TikTok. Where else would it come from?!? Ha!!

TikToker Kendall Marie apparently works for the rental company, so she hears crazy vacation stories all the time.

One particularly disturbing story involves the homeowner making spaghetti for some vacationing guests.

Only, this spaghetti was — shall we say — special. It had dog food in it.

I’m sorry, WHAT?!?

According to Daily Dot, Marie received a complaint about one of the rental properties that was listed with Airbnb.

This property was listed as a “private space,” but when the person got there, it was actually a shared space.


Because of the complaint, Airbnb immediately asked the owner to change the listing.

Although the vacationers were nice about the whole thing, apparently the owner decided to retaliate.

The [guests] were like, ‘hey, here’s this second problem. She made us spaghetti’ — I was like, ‘oh well, that was really nice of her.’

Kendall Marie

The vacationers had thought the dinner tasted off. Just a little weird. This prompted them to search the house for exactly what had gone into the spaghetti.

Apparently, they searched the property high and low, but they couldn’t find evidence of any ground beef.

They DID however, find an opened, empty can of dog food in the trash.

I’m afraid I would have gagged right there, maybe done a little heave-ho in the sink.

Kendall Marie says that she had to look over all the reviews for this property, and there were a ton of people “praising her welcome spaghetti.”

OMG. She has done this before.

Y’all. This wasn’t a listing for some third-world country. This Airbnb listing was a woman in the southern United States.

Now, in the property owner’s defense, apparently she DID have a dog. This could have just been a crazy coincidence.

But, I’m still not eating food that I haven’t seen prepared with my own two eyeballs!!

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