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Travis Barker’s Son, Landon, Is Dating Charli D’Amelio And They Are So Cute Together

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Well, this is a nice change. We have some ‘Barker’ news, but it’s not about Kourtney K. and Travis.

This time, it’s about Landon, Travis Barker’s son.

According to ET, Landon Barker is officially dating Charli D’Amelio.

You know Charli D’Amelio. She is just about the most famous TikToker on the planet!!

She was definitely the most popular person on the social media platform for several years.

Side Note: It has been estimated that this chick makes nearly $1,800 PER DAY, just off ads.

Landon and Charli are dating and enjoying each other’s company — Things are new between them, but they have a lot in common and are having a good time together.

Source close to the couple

Now, rumors have been circling that the pair have been dating since earlier this month.

I mean, it makes since. The teens are both 18, and they have been hanging in the same social circles for awhile.

They were spotted leaving a Travis Barker concert together back at the beginning of June.

Adding fuel to the dating rumors, Charli and Landon were also spotted leaving together after an album launch party for Charli’s sister.

We definitely wish the happy couple congratulations and much happieness.

I’m sure we’ll have more Charli & Landon news for you in the future.

Can we start calling them Chardon or Landi?

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