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You Can Take A Virtual Ride Of ‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’ at Universal Studios

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About all we have at the moment is experiencing life through our devices. I mean, I know I can go for a walk, clean my house, or bake. But, let’s get real. I’m on my devices more than anything else.

In THIS case, that is ONLY a good thing, because NOW I can (and so can YOU) virtually ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey — the ride INSIDE the castle in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!

Now, I’m not lucky enough to have yet gone on this amazing ride, but my brother and nephew say it’s just about the coolest ride EVER!!

They say the queue, itself, is worth waiting to ride this attraction. The line you wait in has all kinds of talking pictures, wizarding props, the herbology classroom, and statues of famous Hogwarts figures.

Then, once you get to the ride itself, you actually feel like you’re fly on brooms, like one of the Harry Potter wizards!

Of course, from your house you won’t actually be on a broom. It’ still hella cool, though! It’s the next best thing to being there.

Courtesy of Attractions Magazine

You even get to encounter flying fire-breathing dragons.

Undercover Tourist are the people who brought us this virtual ride-through, and you can see the entire experience below.

Undercover Tourist also has a PLETHORA of other ride throughs, including a ton of Disney Park rides.

While you are checking Undercover Tourist out, check out these other virtual Disney ride throughs, that you can experience from your own home.


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