Johnny Depp’s Attorney Called Out Kathryn Arnold For Comparing Amber Heard to Jason Momoa

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Johnny Depp’s attorney ripped into Kathryn Arnold’s testimony and it was a good one!!

JD’s attorney starts by saying he is trying to understand how Amber and Jason Momoa are comparable.

Johnny’s attorney painted a picture naming tons of movies and tv shows Jason Momoa to prove a point that Jason Momoa is clearly a larger star than Amber is or ever has been.

He’s the titled character in Aquaman

Warner Bros.

He goes on to say…

She (Amber) hasn’t been the titled character in the movie. She hasn’t spent years on television.

Warner Bros.

Again, his point is to prove that Kathryn’s claim that Amber would be comparable to them and should make as much money and have a successful career like them, has no merit.

When he continues to bring up how big Jason Momoa is, Kathryn kept saying she didn’t know and that she didn’t follow Jason Momoa’s fan base even though she is making claims about him.

You don’t follow Jason Momoa’s fan base but you use him as a comparable?


Kathryn really seems to be just talking without any evidence or solid grounds other than, she looked at a time frame.

Amber never has been as popular as Jason Momoa or even Johnny Depp for that matter and she never will.

She even admits she doesn’t know half of the actors’ careers that she tried to use as a comparable!!

So, her entire testimony is sort of a joke at this point.

This is just crazy but it was pretty great to see JD’s attorney tear Kathryn’s testimony apart.

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