Kathryn Arnold Testifies and Claims Jason Momoa Fought Hard to Keep Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman 2’

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Kathryn Arnold a producer and an expert in the entertainment industry took the stand to today in the Johhny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.

During the testimony, Kathryn tries to paint the picture that Amber’s career has been ruined and she was a huge star for Aquaman and deserved more pay for the second movie.

Kathryn even goes on to say that Jason Momoa fought to keep Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 (which I highly doubt).

In fact, there is no evidence to even support that this happened…

When Amber’s attorney asks her if she saw any evidence that it was because her and Jason Momoa didn’t have any chemistry as recent reports suggest, her answer was:

I did not see any evidence in that.

Kathryn Arnold

Kathryn claims that Amber was a contributing factor to the success of Aquaman and I have to disagree (as do so many others).

Aquaman did well for one reason – Jason Momoa.

Women love Jason Momoa. Men love Jason Momoa. Jason Momoa was the reason Aquaman did well period.

I did not even like Amber Heard’s character in Aquaman and the weirdly forced romantic interest in the movie did not make me like her or the movie anymore.

As a viewer, I can say, I never saw any romantic chemistry between those two in the movie.

Warner Bros.

Thinking back to Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) in Game of Thrones with Daenerys Targaryen ( Emilia Clarke), that was chemistry.

Truthfully, I find this testimony just oddly forced and weird. Amber wasn’t the reason people watched Aquaman, it was for AQUAMAN – after all, that was the name of the show.

Fans have expressed that over and over again but Amber’s team doesn’t seem to be listening.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jason Momoa comes out and makes a statement after all of this.

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