Bam Margera Breaks Wrist Again and Refuses Pain Medication

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Bam Margera has once again, broken his wrist skateboarding.


According to reports, Bam Margera broke his wrist and dislocated his elbow in a skateboarding accident.

This marks the 10th time he has broken his wrist but this time around, one thing is different…

Bam is refusing pain medication to help ease the pain of the break.



Because Bam Margera has been in recovery for a year now and is dedicated to keeping it that way.

Bam recently shared his 1-year of sobriety in an Instagram post saying:

ONE YEAR of treatment!🤘💜


Bam has celebrated one year of drug and alcohol treatment in Florida and wants to keep it that way.

That’s why he has chosen to deal with the pain from his injury naturally which I find fantastic!

We wish him a speedy and easy recovery!

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