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The Author of ‘You’ Confirmed We Will Be Getting Two More Books and I’m Excited

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This is THE BEST news I have heard all day. Joe Goldberg’s story is not over.

A source — *ahem* the author — has dropped an EXCELLENT announcement via her Twitter bio.

Caroline Kenes, the author of the books that the hit series, YOU, is based off, has CONFIRMED there will be a third and fourth book. *Cue Wild Clapping*

Yes, I’m writing a third Joe book. And a fourth. No, I’m not done yet.

Caroline Kepnes, Twitter

The show has deviated a bit from the books, but we now know that Joe is going to continue on being — well — Joe.

I’m trying not to drop any spoilers, so ya’ll have to go watch the series on Netflix.


If you haven’t yet delved into the world that is YOU, I will tell you a little secret. You have to get passed the first show. It was a little hard to get into, but it quickly picked up steam.


I can also tell you, without giving up too much about the show, that Joe is a definite stalker. When he falls for a woman, he goes all in. And, stay out of his way!


In the first season, Joe runs a bookstore. Beck is the unfortunate soul who walks into his world one day, and I pity anyone who gets in Joe’s way.


In the second season, Joe — er, Will — falls for a girl named Love Quinn. By this time, he has moved to LA, and changed his identity. That doesn’t stop an old flame from showing up to say ‘Hello.’


That’s all I’m going to spill, people! You HAVE to watch the series. Both seasons are streaming on Netflix, so get to binge watching, my friends.


There are TWENTY episodes up, each about 50 minutes. You could totally have that done in two days. Ha! *I did*

Watch the trailer YOU Season 1 trailer, below.

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