A Customer Bought A Single Doughnut For $1,000 To Help Keep The Business Afloat and My Heart Is Full

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Right now I am about ALL the feel good stories! People I am overwhelmed by the posts of bad stuff. I want to see the good. This story is all about the good!

Small businesses everywhere are struggling. We are small business owners and it has been really tough.

A regular customer of a doughnut shop in Ohio did the most amazing thing. He was a regular customer for the doughnut shop for 40 or 50 years!

We are in tears. This is a custard donut for $1,000 to help keep us in business. What a blessing,

Tremont Goodie Shop

Y’all, this man paid them $1,000 for one doughnut! It was a custard doughnut even, I’m not big on custard, I totally would have chosen an apple fritter.

This isn’t the first time that this man has done a random act of kindness for the doughnut shop. When he was staying away from the shop to try to lose weight, he brought the employees pizza!

The shop is bringing in less than 1/3 of its usual income, and he wanted to help them out.

He’s the kind of guy that just lights up the room when he’s here.

Emilie Smith

While most of us are unable to give such a generous gift, there are small acts of kindness we can all do for others. It doesn’t have to cost even a penny to do good!

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