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This Woman Tried To Crochet A Bowling Ball and The Results Are Hilarious 

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Crocheting is a skill that I wish I had.

There are so many cool projects you can crochet once you have the technique down; take this unique sloth plant holder for example, or these crocheted sunflowers (that are free to download by the way).

The point is that you can crochet basically anything and turn it into something unique!

And one Facebook user @Chelle Lisbeth recently shared her latest crocheted project that currently has over 2.4k shares!

According to the viral Facebook post that she shared to a public group dubbed the @Dull Women’s Club, @Chelle Lisbeth had the idea to crochet a bowling ball, which she thought would be a simple project.

After crocheting away, Chelle noticed something was off with her bowling ball.

While crocheting, Chelle had accidentally crocheted the finger holes of the bowling ball into an odd number of stitches wide, when they really had to be an even number tall.

And according to her post, she thought, what could one little stitch difference really do?

Via her post, this stitch mistake is the stitch that defines a circular shape for the finger holes versus elliptical ones!

And at the end of her caption, Chelle made the comparison of her finished crocheted bowling ball to the Wilson character in the movie Cast Away which is just too funny!

Courtesy of @Chelle Lisbeth

@Chelle Lisbeth said in her caption that after crocheting for 24 years, mistakes still happen!

So the moral of this story is no matter how long you’ve practiced a certain skill, mistakes happen to everybody which is a great quote to live by!

Oh, and apparently never doubt what a tiny stitch could do in the art of crocheting!

But still, a job well done @Chelle Lisbeth for crocheting something new!

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