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Do You Ever Wonder Why Jeep Owners Put Ducks On Other Jeeps and Call It ‘Jeep Ducking’?

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Sometimes I look at the Jeep community the way I look at Bikers, but I don’t know that Bikers do anything like Jeep Ducking.

It seems like more and more ladies are joining the Jeep community these days and that is SO fun!

Once upon a time, my husband was huge into off-roading with Jeep’s, he hopes to get back into that one day and I look forward to it myself.

When it comes to the Jeep community, the ducking and the waving is a thing you need to be aware of.

What is Jeep Ducking?

Ducking refers to taking little (or big) rubber ducks and putting them on a Jeep when you see it out and about, say on a trail, or even in a parking lot.

Jeep Ducking started in 2020 in Ontario, Canada when one Jeep owner decided she wanted to make someone smile, so she bought a rubber duck and placed it on another Jeep.

How does one start a trend so easily that spreads like wildfire?

If you want to start Jeep Ducking, you’ll need to check out the rules of Jeep Ducking, pick up some Jeep Ducking tags, and make sure you have a ton of rubber ducks on hand so you’re always ready to duck someone.

If you’re looking for some fun ideas to spice it up, check out the hashtag #duckduckjeep on Instagram.

The Jeep Wave

Now when it comes to the Jeep Wave, it’s pretty much just a regular wave to say hello to other Jeepers that you cross paths with.

Some people believe there is history behind the wave that relates it to soldiers waving to other soldiers while they drove Jeeps.

But, it could just be that people who love Jeep’s want to wave hello to others that also love Jeeps too! 

I did learn today that there is some etiquette concerning the Jeep wave, but I really wonder if most people care about that…

What I read was the person that initiates the wave should be the “lower-ranking” Jeep, but eh… I think I’ll just wave when I want.

I mean, what if your Jeep isn’t pretty to look at, but is a beast on the trail… who decides the rank? 

Apparently, there is a Jeep hierarchy calculator to help you figure that out if you’re worried about it.


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