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Jeep Ducking Is A Thing And Here’s How You Do It

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I guess Jeep Ducking has been a thing for more than a minute, but some of us (me… I mean me) are just recently learning about it.

Last year during the massive lockdowns Jeep owners started Jeep Ducking and it took off in a major way!

In fact, I only learned about it this year when I friend posted that she had been ducked and she was out doing some ducking herself.

Jeep culture is a total thing, kind of like bikers honestly!

So, what exactly is Jeep Ducking?

Well, first you need a stash of rubber ducks to keep in your Jeep.

Get some fun tags to add to your Jeep Ducks!

Adventure4x4Decals – Etsy

When you are out and about and you come across another Jeep, it’s time to duck it!

By ‘duck it’ I mean, you leave a rubber duck somewhere on the Jeep you found so that the owner will see it.

Then the next step is that the other Jeep owner will post a photo of the rubber duck on social media like in the Facebook group called Duck Duck Jeep.

The rubber ducks can then be passed on to the next Jeep they see.

The most entertaining part of this for me is that people do not just use the tiny rubber ducks for this, some people go crazy with it and it’s hilarious!

I’m talking huge blow-up ‘rubber’ duck pool floats, stuffed ducks, you name it!

And now I need another Jeep more than ever so I can get in on the Jeep Ducking!

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