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The Truth About What Happens When You Sit Most Of The Time

I grew up in a sitting family. We were of the generation who embraced Oprah and Television dinners with great joy. Our family embraced every version of movies from betamax to streaming and even our exercise involved sitting…on stationary bicycles that faced directly toward the television. When I got my first job, it was working as an administrative assistant in an office. The next wasn’t much different. Even now, I work from home, but as a blogger I spend almost my entire day sitting in front of my computer and writing posts, or watching videos, or wondering what wonderful thing I can share with my readers next.

But this is a problem. If not for me, then for the littles who watch me. They’re now learning that this is life. This is how we live. And it’s not going to be good for them, either.

learning to be a sitter

The scary thing is, all this sitting is such an incorporated part of my life that even walking to the end of the block can sometimes be a painful affair. I’ve had gym memberships, had spurts where I tried to work harder toward being an upright, standing member of society, but most of the time I resemble the people from WALL-E more than I’d like to admit.

sitting people

And though I knew sitting wasn’t the best, I figured since I’ve seen almost every person I know sitting their entire lives away, I never realized quite how bad it was…check out this video…

How awful is that?

And yet, even writing this, I’m still sitting.

Truth is, I’m not sure where to start. Take a walk, sure, but do I get a standing desk?

Treadmill desk?

Do I become one of those people who dictates into a microphone on my phone and writes whilst hiking.

Actually, that one sounds pretty nice…

Whatever I need to do, I’m pretty sure I need to start immediately. Because the littles are watching…

Are you with me? Are you a sitter? Have you taken steps toward changing? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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