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Why We Have Not One…But Seven…Christmas Trees

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You read that right, we don’t have one Christmas tree. We have seven.

Believe it or not, that’s our version of compromise.

When two people move in together not all things are going to be wonderfully in synch. For as great as my boyfriend and I have combined our lives there are some things we will never agree on. Ever. And to that end, we have seven Christmas trees.

Why? Why would we, people with three cats, have that many trees?


Why We Have Not One…But Seven…Christmas Trees

Well, it comes down to decorating style. I’m what you might call a tree theme decorator. I want a specific style or look for my trees. I want them to be magazine ready! Not that any of them are, but that’s my dream. It’s what I like when it comes to Christmas decorations.

My boyfriend does not share my sentiment.

At all.

He wants everything from my crystal snowflakes to his Zelda disco ball ornaments hung together. There’s no theme. No uniformity. Just chaos!

Our first year together we had to go with what I had, and that meant sticking to my red, black and silver ornaments from my apartment days. But that didn’t last long. Soon enough I was biting my tongue about hanging stuffed animals next to my blown glass balls.

During our second year living together I figured…whatever. Let him hang everything his heart desired on that tree. I’d get one for my office and it would be lovely. Perfect. Thematic. Mine.

The problem with buying myself a tree is that suddenly…everyone else wanted one as well.

Which is why we now have the following trees:

1) Our living room monstrosity. A seven foot tall, pre-lit Douglas Fir that has everything from Mario Maker yellow paper mache bulbs to blown glass PS3 controllers and delicate photo frames documenting our family through the last few years.

2) A black, fiber optic tree in our den. This one is specifically our game tree. We hang various geeky, game themed ornaments on it. Granted, our living room shares that theme, but that’s okay. We’re nerdy enough to need two nerd trees.

3) The dainty/…okay it’s a Charlie Brown style white tree that we have decorated with miniature gingerbread ornaments and red garland. Our kitchen is a modern, retro theme, so it fits and gives us something to put the game night cookies under.

4) The metal jingle tree. The boyfriend doesn’t count this one, and I get why. It’s a metal, table top tree, maybe twelve inches tall. You don’t do anything except sit it out and enjoy the sound of cats batting at the bells. But it’s still tree shaped!

5 & 6) My step-son gets two trees in his room this year. The first one, a three foot, blue tinsel tree, was what I used in my apartment. It’s loud. and fun. But old. And it’s not pink. When I gave up my thirty-six inch pink tree this year he snagged it. He loves pink so I was expecting that. How they’re decorated depends on his mood. Last I saw they were holding Legos, but who really knows?

7) My office tree. Let me first say that this one was a gift. My friends found it post-Christmas last year for $10 and bought it for me. I assumed from the box that it would be narrow and smaller. A nice sized little thing, right? Oh no. It’s a seven foot, hot pink tree and I LOVE THIS THING. Seriously, I might not give it up. The downside is that I haven’t decided how to decorate it except with black balls and crystal garland.

What’s important here is not our excessive Christmas display, it’s that we’ve found a way to allow everyone in our home to celebrate the holiday how they want. It just happens that in this house, it’s a lot of dang lights and tinsel! How do you celebrate?

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  1. This post cracked me up… but, hey… whatever works for y’all!! 🙂 I guess if I count the trees in my kids rooms we have 4 total (there is also a small one on our console table and our big one in the living room).


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