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Target Is Selling A Wicked Cool Animated Eyeball Decoration You Can Get For Your Front Door

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You can get a creepy cool Animated Eyeball Doorbell to stick right on your door this Halloween.


It’s almost that time! The kids have finally started going back to school, and before we know it, Halloween will be here!

We will soon be able to break out all our spooky decorations, and turn out houses into the haunted mansions that we eagerly await each year!

Look what you can get to welcome all those who dare set foot on our doorsteps.


This is the most wicked cool Animated Decorative Eyeball Doorbell! I absolutely love it!!


Give your Halloween decor a creepy twist with the Animated Doorbell with Eye Halloween Decorative Prop from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™.


The focal point of this Animated Doorbell is the eerie glowing green eyeball that springs to life when anyone dares touch the “doorbell” (the button on the front of the prop).


It has a very macabre design, with an antique gold finish complete with a creepy spider accent that really sets the chilling look and feel nicely.

Hang it near your front door to greet the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, or add to a Halloween display in your living space or entryway.


According to one reviewer of this Animated Decorative Eyeball Doorbell, “the sound is loud and clear so it will be easily heard if mounted on a wall.”

This Animated Doorbell does require a battery in order to magically spring to life, but guess what — it’s included!


The Eyeball Doorbell can be used outside, but you do want to make sure it is sheltered from any rain or moisture.

You can get your own Animated Decorative Eyeball Doorbell Prop on the Target website.


It is only 15 bucks, and it would make a GREAT addition to your Halloween decorating festivities.

Looking for even more spin-chilling decorations to make your Halloween simply over-the-top?

You have to check out this life-sized Animated Michael Myers that can go right on your front porch.

Home Depot

You can also get an Animated Dragon that actually breathes fog.


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