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This Life-Sized Michael Myers Animated Halloween Decoration Is Literally Halloween

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You can get a life-sized Michael Myers Animated Halloween Decoration, and this one’s gonna be a NOPE for me.

Home Depot

Nothing scares me quite like the knife wielding, mask wearing, brute of a slasher, homicidal maniac that is Michael Myers.

Some people are afraid of dogs, others are afraid of clowns, for me it’s all about the psychotic killers.

I can hear his creepy piano theme song now, and I just may not sleep tonight. *Scared Emoji*

But, for all you diehard scary movie fans out there, this life-sized Michael Myers decoration might be exactly what you need to add a little fright to your Halloween.

Home Depot

Have Michael be your greeter this Halloween season. The life-size features Michael’s iconic white mask, blue jumpsuit and knife in hand

Home Depot

He is also animated, which in this case means that his arms move up and down (in a stabbing motion) while the Halloween theme song plays.

Remind me not to come over to your house for Halloween!

This Michael Myers decoration is motion activated, so he will start stabbing at people as they walk by.

You can also control his volume — which for me would be to turn him off!

Some assembly is required, but the setup is easy. He also collapses, so you can easily store him for next Halloween.

Home Depot

It’s only 200 bucks for this life-size animated Halloween decoration that you can use year after year.

You can pick up your own Michael Myers Animated Halloween Decoration on the Home Depot website.

Home Depot

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