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You Can Get An Inflatable Skeleton Dog For Your Yard Just In Time For Halloween

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Spooky season is among us! It’s time to start decorating and getting ready for one of the best holidays ever!!!

Amazon has started releasing all sorts of amazing yard decorations! This one may be one of the best!


This spooky skeleton dog is perfect to send a fright to your neighbors this season! He’s adorable creepy!


Even during the daytime, he looks like a total menace! This is a great yard decoration no matter the time of day!


This inflatable dog is 5 feet tall, so he is sure to give some spook this season! Add a little fog and a Warning: Dog sign, and you’ll be good to go!


You can get one of these pups from Amazon right now for $50, but if you get it soon, there’s a coupon attached to make it even cheaper, so run while you can!!


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