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Target Is Selling A Giant Dragon That Breathes Fog That You Can Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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Wow, I can’t even believe what I am seeing, it’s another fog-breathing Dragon, except this one has “Winter is coming” vibes!


I swear that last year topped for all amazing Halloween decorations, like remember the 12 feet tall skeleton?

However, it looks like this year is going to be even better, I mean LOOK at this dragon!


This Dragon has amazing detail!

Just like my favorite dragon from last year, this one is animated and can also release fog from its mouth like smoke!


The animated dragon stands 7 feet tall!

It’s 84 inches high x 90 inches wide x 24 inches deep, it’s massive!


Beware, Winter has arrived – and it looks hungry! The Winter Dragon is a magnificent 7-foot tall animated figure featuring molded-plastic head, neck, chest and legs, with matching draped-fabric wings. His wings flap back and forth, head turns from side-to-side, chilling blue eyes light up, and when connected to your fog machine, fog sprays out of his mouth as he roars!

Target product description

The eyes have icy blue LED lights for a bone chilling glow!

The head, mouth, wings, and body all move and will definitely grab the attention of anyone that happens to see it!


The infra-red sensor works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions, bright light to no light!


You can purchase your own 7′ Halloween Animated Winter Dragon from Target for $399.99!


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  1. How easy is it to step up the dragon?
    Can it stay outside? Is so will it withstand wet weather?
    Please let me know so I know if I can order this for my deck.