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This iPhone Hack To Display A Secret Trackpad Just Changed My Life!

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My fine motor skills are just not there anymore, I totally have a brain injury and little tasks have become extremely hard and frustrating.

When texting I often make mistakes and trying to use my finger to drag that little cursor and magnifying bubble to my mistake to fix it is a PAIN.

I’m still quite new to using an iPhone, so if you already know this, great… however, if you are like me this will be so helpful for you!

There is a lot I still don’t know about my iPhone and each time I learn something new it changes everything!

Like I seriously get so frustrated that I will delete an entire chunk of text to redo it… not anymore!

You Can Display A Secret Trackpad On Your iPhone and iPad

No more struggles not that I’ve learned how to do this!

A trackpad is available on your iPhone, and it’s just like using the one on my MacBook, LIFE CHANGING!

Now I can simply slide my finger to move the cursor in a much simpler easier to control way for fast editing.

I no longer have to depend on fine motor skills to get my cursor to the correct position to edit out my mistakes and I am so happy.

Here’s How To Access The Trackpad On Your iPhone and iPad

This is soooo super simple and seriously saves me a lot of time and headache now.

So, when you have written some text using your iPhone and you see that you’ve made a mistake, just place your finger on the space bar and hold.

When you do this the keyboard will go blank, like all of the letters will disappear.

Keep holding your finger down and slide across the keyboard and the cursor will move easily to where you need it to be.

When you get the cursor where you need it to be, just lift your finger up and the keyboard will return to normal so that you can fix your mistake!

No more struggle!

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