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The Weather Service Is Warning That A ‘Record Breaking’ Heatwave Is On The Way

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Well, it’s June, and the weather has been hotter much earlier than I’ve ever noticed before.

I don’t know about where YOU are, but here in the South and Southeast, it has been sweltering.

Now, it’s the Southwest region of the country who get to suffer the heat — although that means it’s probably coming my way.

According to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, yesterday marked the first day of the year where temps rose to 110º.

Apparently, this is only the beginning of a serious heatwave that is going to hit this weekend.

A heat wave will spread from Texas into the Desert Southwest and California Thursday with record breaking warm temperatures forecasted through the weekend.

National Weather Service

‘Record Breaking’ Heatwave Is On The Way

Y’all, you haven’t experienced heat until you have been in the Death Valley, California area during the summer! It is definitely “one of the hottest places on earth.”

I drove through Death Valley on my way to Southern California with the heat in my car on full-blast, and the stupid thing was STILL overheating.

This weekend, Death Valley is included in a heat alert — along with 25 million people in and around the Southwest region — this weekend.

Death Valley is forecast to reach 121 on Friday.


According to CNN, that area of the country is looking down the barrel of more than “50 daily high-temperature records” this weekend.

It’s going to be H-O-T.

Upper-level ridging will expand westward over California by Friday. Upper-level ridging and dry soils will combine to allow high temperatures in the upper 90s and 100s for much of Central/Southern California and the Southwest. Little respite overnight as low temperatures are also expected to tie or break records across much of the region on Thursday and Friday nights.

National Weather Service

This heat is being blamed on a heat dome that will blanket the Southwest this weekend.

The dome will trap any escaping radiation and send it back to the ground, while the sun’s rays continue to penetrate through.


Texans Are Bracing For The Heat

But, y’all, it’s not JUST the Southwest part of the country that’s going to be in suffering mode this weekend.

In Texas, high temperatures will only increase, and they’re looking at highs over 100º. This is only going to intensify, and the HOTTEST of the hot temps will be seen in that region on Saturday and into Monday.

Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston will likely hit the figure once, twice, maybe even three or more times before the week is over.


And, we also have to talk about Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas will also flirt with daily records, with temperatures close to 109 both Friday and Saturday.


Whenever the heat gets turned up, the power grid has a hard time keeping up. Both the West and the South regions of the country are no stranger to power grid situations when it gets hot.

California is known to have rolling blackouts when it gets too hot, and just last month Texans saw the result of what the heat can do to the power grid

Texans were encouraged to conserve power by raising thermostats to 78 degrees and refraining from using major appliances during peak hours.


So, y’all need to be prepared. The heat is not going to be playing around this weekend.

Don’t underestimate the heat! Heat is one of the most deadly weather hazards, so be sure to practice heat safety this week.


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