This Vending Machine Sells Canned Cakes and It Sounds Oddly Delicious

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No matter how good of a baker you are, all kinds of cakes whether it’s a three layer or as simple as vanilla, are susceptible to dryness, cracking, or a victim of being undercooked.

And if you’re not typically the best baker but it’s your turn to bake grandma’s 90th birthday cake, there is a solution that doesn’t involve potentially starting a fire in the oven.

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So why not put your baking needs in the hands of a professional, and don’t worry, you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars and you certainly won’t have to make an appointment two weeks in advance either.

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What’s dubbed their “Can Cakes”, this small business takes care of all of your baking needs or troubles by providing handmade cakes stuffed in a can!

Conveniently stocked in vending machines that typically have small bag of chips, this business that goes by the name of The Cake Boutique has speciality vending machines that only contain a variety of cakes.

So if you have a nagging sweet tooth or you’re looking for a cake to buy for grandma, there are an abundance of flavored cakes you can choose from such as strawberry or even red velvet cake!

And what’s even more delicious is that with each canned cake also comes a spoon so you can eat it as soon as it drops from the vending machine or on the go.

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Now if you’re lucky enough to be a resident in El Paso, Texas, you can snag a canned cake, try a bite for the rest of us and tell us how it taste; otherwise, we’re hoping that their Can Cakes go nationwide soon!

Courtesy of @hipmexi

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