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Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

Okay, so a blog-friend of mine, Courtney Reese has decided I’m worthy of the honest scrap award, and now I have to tell you guys ten things you don’t actually know about me. That’s pretty tough, because I am all open-book tastic. 🙂

But, here goes…

1. I freakin’ love pop music, but I like to pretend I’m all cool and into more socially acceptable things like alternative or rock.

2. I pretend like I don’t want to wear glasses and they are a huge pain in the ass, when really I think I look like a rock star in mine, and I’m fully aware that I can totally rock the Lisa Loeb.

3. Speaking of rocking looks, I don’t think I can rock the pink hair, and yet when I go to the salon I still have her put it in. I am way too old for pink hair, but I just love it so much that–even if it does look stupid on me I am keeping it.

4. I pay someone to clean my house. I freakin’ hate cleaning. So, even though I’m a stay at home mom that should have time to do it on her own–I still pay for it.

5. I never have parties at my house because I am scared no one will come. I’m a complete wimp.

6. My husband can not sing. It’s horrible, really–but he’s so cute when he tries that I keep making him sing songs on Rock Band.

7. I am so bad with numbers and math that I actually screwed up numbering this ten things list. Damn.

8. I don’t actually like hugging people that I’m not related to. I always cringe when someone walks up to me with their arms open, but I do it anyway.

9. I don’t actually miss cheese that much. When I found out about my milk allergy, I was sad that I’d never be able to eat it again–but now it just seems insanely gross.

10. If I could eat out for every single snack and meal, I would. Seriously, in my dreams before I have a nanny or a maid or anything, I just have a lady that hangs out in my kitchen all day providing me with meals so I never have to think about it again.

And so, now that you know this about me… I am just going to throw this out to ALL my readers because I suck and can NEVER pick actual people to send these sorts of things to. So– tell me 10 things we don’t you about YOU!

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