Demi Lovato Has Announced They Are Nonbinary and Is Changing Their Pronouns

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I won’t lie, I am having a hard time keeping up with Demi Lovato lately.

Courtesy of Demi Lovato

She has been in the spotlight a lot. From discussing her overdose to calling out a Frozen yogurt shop and now, she has announced They Are Nonbinary and Demi Is Changing Their Pronouns.


Some people are quick to say that they aren’t buying the fact that Demi is truly changing their pronouns.

Many believe they did it to stay relevant.


Nonetheless, Demi made the announcement in a video via Twitter saying:

“Over the past year and a half I’ve been doing some healing and self-reflective work and through this work, I’ve had the revelation that I identify as nonbinary. With that said, I’ll officially be changing my pronouns to they/them.”


They continued:

“I feel that this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression, and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am and still am discovering,” the singer said.


Lovato added they came to the decision “after a lot of healing and self-reflective work.”


So, there you have it, Demi has officially announced they are nonbinary.

You can watch the full video announcement below.

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