This Video Let’s You Act Like You’re Taking A Real Phone Call From Chris Hemsworth and Count Me In

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Chris Hemsworth, The God of Thunder, The Son of Odin, or even just plainly put as Loki’s brother, however you want to address the very sexy man from Marvel wants to speak with you.

Yes you read that correctly, Chris Hemsworth wants you to answer his phone call.

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth_universe

Okay, so maybe it’s not directly Chris Hemsworth asking for a conversation on the phone, but a very clever TikToker has made a viral video that acts like your picking up the phone with one of the Hemsworth brothers.

The video starts with a disclaimer to turn your volume down slightly and to put your phone to ear as if someone is calling you.

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth

After waiting a few seconds, Chris Hemsworth begins speaking and by the tone of his voice and with the words he’s using, this short video sounds like you’re taking a real phone call from Chris himself.

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth

The phone call is Chris Hemsworth delivering a motivational message for anyone who needs to hear it and you can check it out here.

Whether it’s today, tomorrow or sometime next week, we all could use a little inspiration from Thor, I mean Chris!

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth

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