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Hostess Is Releasing ‘Ghostbusters’ Twinkies Filled With Fruit Flavored Blue Filling And I Can’t Wait

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How fun is this? Just in time for the ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ film that’s being released in June 2021, we’re getting a new Twinkie flavor!


My husband absolutely loves traditional Twinkies. Me? Well, I like the fun flavored ones that they release from time to time.

This isn’t the first time Hostess has released a Twinkie that was ‘Ghostbusters’ themed! A little over 4 years ago they released the Key Lime Slime Twinkies for the 2016 movie.


They were the traditional golden cake and were filled with a key lime flavored filling that was colored bright green. SO GOOD!


Hostess Ghostbusters Twinkies need no introduction. Live Your Mostess with one sweet bite at a time of creamy, cakey, golden goodness. These treats aren’t just for dessert. They’re perfect for picking up on your way out the door, or grabbing one to enjoy a quiet moment. Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience.

Product description

The newest Ghostbuster Twinkie is called Ghostbuster Muncher Madness Twinkies. They also have the golden cake, but they are filled with a bright blue fruit-flavored creamy filling.


Each box consists of 10 individually wrapped cakes and will cost about $3.99. I can’t wait to try them which I expect will be around the movie release in June!


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