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Netflix Just Released a Sneak Peak of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 and Things Are Heating Up Between Colin and Penelope

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Dear reader, we hope you have a cool towel waiting for you in the other room because the tension between Mr. Bridgerton and Ms. Featherington are heating up.

As we all await for Colin and Penelope’s long overdue love story, Netflix has been tugging at our heart strings with each new sneak peak that’s released in the meantime.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

And with each new teaser the streaming platform releases, the more impatient we all get because if you haven’t noticed Netflix, we just want to watch the new season already!

But since good things come to people who wait, we thank you Netflix for the teasers that keep reminding us how binge-worthy this new season will be.

Courtesy of @Netflix

Speaking of teasers, Netflix has just released another sneak peak of season 3 of Bridgerton, and if you thought the last teaser was spicy, just wait until you see this one.

Things are clearly heating up between Colin and Penelope and in less than two minutes, Colin tells her he misses her, and Penelope admits she overheard him tell his friends that he would never court her.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

At the end of the scene, Penelope walks away leaving Colin speechless, but we have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last time she does that.

You can watch Netflix’s new sneak peak of Bridgerton season three right here.

Courtesy of @Netflix

And just as a reminder, part one of the new season premiers in just three months on May 16 while part two, debuts on June 13!

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

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