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Rumors Are, Stanley Is Releasing an Olivia Rodrigo Tumbler and I Want It

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Prepare to make space in your kitchen cabinet because this might be the coolest Stanley collab we may ever see!

As we all have seen in Target stores and social media, Stanley tumblers have been the latest craze to keep hydrated.

And if you don’t have one yet or if you own too many to count, there are rumors that Stanley is collaborating with a popular singer who just performed at the Grammys for their next tumbler design!

Rumors say that Olivia Rodrigo and Stanley are coming to together to create a one-of-a-kind tumbler!

After photos of the alleged cup went viral on social media, the Olivia Rodrigo themed tumbler is designed in her favorite color purple, which coincidentally, happens to be the same color as the Stanley the singer owns herself!

Courtesy of @anahiix9

But get this, during an interview with GQ, Olivia shared that she was “TikTok influenced”, to buy the Stanley tumbler which she later emphasized, was a purchase that changed her life!

So it got us thinking, was this interview a hint at a future collaboration with Stanley all along? Only time will tell us.

Courtesy of @GQVideos

While dressed in purple from the bottom to the top, the rumored tumbler also appears to have a cosmic-like design with silver stars that run from one side of the tumbler to the other.

And if you look closely, you’ll also notice what appears to be her initials “OR”, embedded right on the front.

Courtesy of @4rayah.sunshine

Now other than the potential design and the rumored collab between Olivia and Stanley, all other details about the tumbler are currently unknown, well except for one that is.

Rumors online have said that this tumbler (if real), may potentially be released at Dick’s Sporting Goods, so our advice, is to keep your eyes peeled when running your errands at the sporting goods store!

Courtesy of @GQVideos

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