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Ritz Is Releasing An Extra Buttery Cracker and I’ll Never Say No to More Butter

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Ritz is a cracker that has been around long before my life began. I remember having them on cheese and cracker plates at every family event or party.

The butter taste was just perfection, with the scalloped edges and salty goodness. They’re great on their own, or with a selection of meats and cheeses. Oh and with soup!

Ritz crackers are the perfect crackers to keep stocked in the cabinet because they can go with so many things and you can even make sweet treats with them!

Ritz is releasing a limited-edition flavor called ‘Buttery-er’ and I can only imagine it’s amazing!

Ritz says it’s “infused with extra buttery-er flavor” and I will never say no to extra butter!

To celebrate the new Ritz cracker flavor, the brand partnered with jewelry designer Greg Yüna to create a 24-karat solid gold bar that looks like a stick of butter.

Image credit: gregyuna and ritzcrackers

The gold bar that looks like butter is valued at $100,000 and you can enter to win it. I’m not quite sure what the point is of a solid gold bar of butter… but ok.

The Ritz brand has become synonymous with golden buttery flavor. With the new limited-edition Buttery-er Crackers we’re taking it to the next level for our buttery-flavor loving fans by offering one lucky winner the ultimate prize of a 24-karat gold bar in the shape of a traditional stick of butter, all in homage to the extra buttery flavor they know and love.

Mayte Killeen, Ritz Senior Brand Manager
Image credit: Ritz

To enter, just create a TikTok video that shows how much you love the new flavor. Tag @theritzcrackersofficial and include the hashtags #livebutteryer and #RITZcontes and post between May 1st and May 20th.

Ritz Buttery-er Crackers will be available in stores starting on April 29th for about $4.29 for a limited time only.

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