You Can Get A Life-Size Skeleton Prop That Carries a Coffin Just in Time for Halloween

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You know what they say, two is always better than one.

You can now get a pair of skeletons carrying a casket to decorate your front yard this Halloween season and lets just say that these two best friends, are here to crash your Halloween party, invited or not.

Courtesy of Walmart

Standing at five feet tall, these life-sized skeletons are here to lend out a helping hand when it comes to giving away the Halloween party favors.

Featuring a casket that’s held by two tall skeletons on either side, this skeleton duo can hold up to 85 pounds of party favor weight.

Courtesy of Walmart

So whether this coffin is filled with king size candy bars or cans of soda, this water-tight casket can even be filled with ice to make sure each beverage that’s tossed in is bone-chilling cold.

There is of course, a drain plug as well to remove any leftover water that may have remained from the success of your Halloween party.

Courtesy of Walmart

Featuring moveable arms and legs, each skeleton can also be posed to create the best Halloween display, but if you see these skeletons moving on their own, don’t say I didn’t you warn you.

Courtesy of Big Lots

Place these two skeletons in the front yard to greet guests or in the backyard for some Halloween fun, because you can currently find the skeleton duo stocked online at Walmart!

Although if you prefer going bigger when it comes to your haunted Halloween display, you can find a similar version of the skeleton pair that’s even taller in height.

Courtesy of Big Lots

At 72 inches high, you can find another skeleton duo carrying a large casket to place on your front lawn this Halloween season.

The only difference other than height are the red eyes that illuminate at night, creepy right?

Courtesy of Big Lots

Did anyone else notice their eyes move?

You can find the larger skeleton set currently online at Big Lots!

Courtesy of Big Lots

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